Top Ten things you probably didn’t know about Microsoft Word.

10. =Rand(X,Y)

Typing =rand(x,y) into Microsoft Word (MW) will show a sentence. Replace X and Y with numbers and hit enter. If you put a high value for each number, you document will fill up with lots of sentences, where as if you type low numbers, it will only type a few sentences. Beware, if you type numbers that are too high it will not work. Try it now!


9. =Lorem()

Type this and press enter and some text will appear in a different language. (Please note () is (  ) not a 0 or O )


8. =rand.old() 

This shows text reading The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog


7. Freaky Stuff

You remember 9/11 right? Well the flight code of one of the planes that did the damage was Q33 NY

Type this into Microsoft Word, and select the font as windings. Now look. Scary Huh?


6. Deleting a word at a time.

Dont you hate it when your typing and you spell a word rong  wrong or make a typo, especially if it’s a very long word? Well instead of holding backspace, untill the word has gone, hold Ctrl and press backspace and you will remove all the letters untill a space or punctuation mark.


5. Bullet Points

Ok, so you know typing 1. will start a list on MW, and typing a) will start another list, but how do you quickly start a bullet pointed list? well press * and then space!


4.  Yay, i have finished my report! Oh Damn, i forgot a cover page!

On newer versions of MW, the insert menu contains a range over cover pages, so no more dull looking cover pages!


3. —

Type — and press enter and you get a lovely line across the screen. Charming.


2. Quickly enlarge and shrink text

Press ctrl and ] to enlarge text and ctrl and [ to shrink highlighted text.


1. Insert a screenshot.

No need to have to press Print screen then paste in into your word document any more in MW 2010, just go onto the insert tab and select a screen you want inserted into your document!


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