Top Ten Things to do with a Laser Pen.


10. See the beam

Go to a fabric sofa and whack it with your hands a few times then shine the laser about 5cm away from the surface. You should be able to clearly see the beam!

9. Seem the beam #2

If that doesn’t work, or you have no sofa, take a deodorant can or water spray and spray it into the air, then shine your laser into it. (Works best in the dark)

8. Move a feather. 

Find a small light feather and tie it using cotton to something, then shine your laser at it, if the feather is light enough it should spin round!

7. See the beam #3

Especially in humid countries, shining the laser outside at night will show the beam very clearly. beware this may be illegal in some countries

6. Annoy people

Shine the laser by the base of people’s feet, it will confuse and annoy them!

5. Pop a balloon.

With some laser pens, you can shine it at a balloon and it will pop. If it doesn’t work, draw a small 1cm x1cm box and colour it in with black permanent marker then shine the laser on that.

4. Make a laser show

If you attach a small mirror to a motor as an offset angle and shine the laser at it, it should create a pattern on a wall. Google this for detailed instructions

3. Give your dog some exercise

Shine your laser pen at the back of the garden and attract your dogs attention, then move it to the front of the garden and your dog will chase it.

2. Confuse your dog.

Shine the laser pen around your living room so your dog chases it, then shine it under something and turn it off. If you dog is like mine, it will lay there wondering when it will come out. Then shine your laser next to the dog and it will make it jump!

1. Laser art

Put your camera on a slow shutter speed and put it on a tripod. In a dark room, shine the laser on the floor and aim your camera at it. Press the shutter button and move the laser around. Now be amazed at what you have created!

Please note… Laser pens can be extremely dangerous so anything you do with it is at your own risk. I hold no responsibility of you blinding your dog or getting a fine.

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