Top ten tips on saving money (for teenagers)

10. Put it in the bank.

Any spare change you have around, put it in the bank. This makes it harder for you to get to and spend

9. Only take a certain amount of money out.

If you are going to town with your friends, only take say £10. This is really limit what you buy so you save up more.

8. Dont buy a bottle of coke…

…for £1.20 in a shop when you can go to poundland or a discount shop where you can get it cheaper.

7. Limit yourself

to one big purchase a month. If you tend to buy 10 games and 5 DVDs a month, these can really add up. Limit yourself to buying something over £100 to once a month at least, and buying only 3 games or so.

6. Get a job

Whether it is litter picking after a festival or a proper Saturday, get whatever you can. Not only do you get money but you get experience for later in life.

5. Sell old games

So you have lots of games you have completed lying around. What is the chance you are going to play them again? Sell them!!!

4. Change up money

If you have a tub of 1ps sitting around, get the bank to change them into £1 coins, then you can add that to what your limit is on taking shopping

3. Dont buy unwanted stuff.

Sweets. Do you really want them? Are you going to be upset you didn’t buy any? i dont think so.

2. Why buy a new game?

When your mate is selling his one for half the price. Just wipe off his data and start again!

1.  Get in the right frame of mind.

Your not going to be able to save money when all your thinking is ‘i really want to buy this and that and this!’. Think to yourself ‘if i buy this, i can’t buy the other thing i want, which one do i want more?’

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