Top Ten Ways to keep children occupied on an aeroplane.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been away 🙂

So here goes:

10. Watch the in-flight movie

If there is a film being shown, see if they want to watch it.

9. Draw a picture of the plane.

Tell your child to draw a picture of the aeroplane, and when they have finished ask an air hostess to give it to the pilot. Don’t forget to put your child’s name on it because the pilot might say thank you over the tannoy system thing (what they talk to you over)!

8. Ask them to spot things on the ground.

Such as rivers, forests, houses, and airports (look for long strips of concrete). You could make a check list, and if they spot all of them you can give them a sweet or something.

7. Look for other planes

Some times you can see other planes flying underneath you or above you. Tell your child to see if they can spot them

6. Look in the in-flight magazine

Both get a copy of the magazine, then one of you look for a product and describe it to the other person, then they have to look for it in the magazine!

5. Be quiet

If you have more than one child, tell them who ever stays silent for the longest wins a sweet or something. After some time of being quiet they will forget and start talking -make sure you pay attention!

4. Two player games

If you or your child has an Ipod Touch or games device, download a game that can have two players on the same iPod, then play the game

3. Guess what time you will arrive

Get your children to write down a time for the following:

  • What time the meals will come
  • When the pilot will next speak
  • What time you will land
  • What time the duty-free will come

Then which ever child gets the closest time to each of these will win!

2. Take pictures

Give your child a camera. That should occupy them for a while. (Make sure they don’t have it on take off or landing)

1. Don’t kick the seat in front.

This can be a real pain for the person in front, so offer your child a prize if they don’t kick the seat in front during the flight.

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