Top Ten Apps that will keep you occupied for less than 30 seconds on an iPod touch/iPhone.

I wont give you the links for these because you don’t need them. If you want them you can search in the app store.

10.  Balls.

This game has some balls of different colours that make a noise when they touch each other or the side. What a waste of time!

9. Air Horn

Press the screen and a horn sounds. Fun. I don’t think you will ever need this. It’s only as loud as the iPod/iPhone can go.

8. GuessMyAge

So it’s guessed your age through a not very clever system. Great. Now what?

7. Cradle

Remember newtons cradle? The frame with the balls on string, when you pull one back and let it go and the one on the other side moves? Thats all this app is. Just incase you didn’t have the privilege to own one.

6. iSimples

Compare the markets new idea. Make an app where the user can play sound clips of that meerkat… Hmm

5. iHandy Level

Unfortunately, your spirit level disappeared, so you can now rely on technology to make sure your house isn’t wonky. Other than that… why?

4. Flashlight

Excuse me while I flash my iPhone around in the pitch black area.

3. Spin the Bottle (Or Spin The Coke)

No need to go hunting for a bottle now, instead of playing it traditionally, you can play it virtually. Please note, you only get to spin a bottle. Thats it.

2. Whiteboard.

I’m going to draw on a small screen with my large finger. What now…

1. Lite Games

They clog up our iPods and iPhones and they really aren’t that good. If you like the game so much why don’t you buy it!

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