Top Ten Things to do on the internet

10. Surf YouTube

By surf, I mean click on any video. Then from there on you can only watch videos that are on the bar on the right. I did this and started off with a guitar video, and ended up watching a 5-year-old doing a show with his Thomas the tank train set.

9. Start a blog

Just like me. 😀 Email me if you do and ill check it out!

8. ChatRoulette

If you don’t take rejection personally and you don’t mind seeing 50 year olds half-naked then visit this. You have probably heard of it and you do sometimes get a half decent chat with someone.

7. Start a twitter account

You may hate social networking sites, but twitter is slightly different. You can follow famous people and there are some really interesting people on there. Twitter is not about telling the public that you have just had lunch or been to the toilet, you can find out much more about people.

6. Search for something to do

There are plenty of How To websites around, such as instructables, and you might find something interesting to make

5. Read other posts of my blog

Sorry, I had to do it!

4. Been interested in how something works?

Say you want to know how on earth a washing machine cleans clothes or how a piano works, you can go on How Stuff Works (google it) and you can find out how lots of stuff works.


Look for recipes for your dinner tonight!


Got nothing to do in the next few weeks? Go to this website and tell them when you want to do something and they will tell you something that’s going on!

1. Subscribe

Subscribe to my blog !!! You will get emailed my blog posts so you will never get bored!

Thanks for reading!

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