Top Ten Things you probably didn’t know about Windows 7

10.  That calculator is not so simple

Open the calculator in windows 7 (Start-All Programs-Accessories) then click view. You now have a whole new lot of calculators to use!

9. Gotta Problem?

If you find yourself emailing someone who is trying to help you sort out a problem, you might find it hard trying to describe the problem in the first place. Search ‘Problem Steps Recorder’ in the search box and you can click record, and do what you have to do to get to the problem. This is then shown on a page where you can add notes to what you are doing. This can help the person helping you.

8. Slide show wallpaper

So you have taken lots of pictures on your holiday, but now what? They sit in a folder on your hard drive and that’s about it. Well, do this: Right click on the desktop-click personalize desktop background (down the bottom)- browse- now find the folder with your photos in and click ok. Play around with the settings and click save changes.

7. Please don’t look at what I’m doing

Whether you are on twitter and your dad walks in, or you are shopping for presents for your kids and they walk in, you can quickly minimise the window by pressing the WinKey (The windows logo in a circle) and D. This will minimise all windows so they will not know a thing.

6. Pinning a document to the task bar

If you are working on a document and you don’t want to keep looking for it, then when you have the program open (lets say its Microsoft word), right-click on the logo on the task bar and click pin this program to the task bar. Now drag a file from your documents onto the logo of the program, now right-click on the logo again and you will see the file at the top of the list.

5. Sticky Notes

No need for Post-It notes stuck on your fridge that keep falling off any more. Search for a program called Sticky Notes in the start menu, then you can write notes and stick them to your desktop, where they wont fall off!

4. New paint

Remember that old paint program that was just about good for doodling? Well now its been improved so check it out!

3. Split screen

If you are working on two documents and get annoyed having to keep flicking through them, drag one window to the left of the screen and it will fill the left of the screen, and drag the other document to the right of the screen and it will fill the right side of the screen. Also if you drag a document to the top of the screen it will fill the whole page!

2. Quickly change windows

Hold the Alt button and press tab to choose the window you are looking for. Handy if you have lots of windows open.

1. Cycle through windows

Another way of doing the same as above, but its more glamorous. Hold the WinKey and hold tab. WOW!

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