Top Ten things to do with a cordless drill

10. Make an electric pencil sharpener

Take a cylindrical pencil sharpener (the kind that has a case to catch the sharpenings) and super glue a dowel to the center of the bottom, so the sharpener is on the top and dowel on the bottom, then insert the dowel into the drill and press the trigger!

9. Use it as a lathe

Insert a bit of dowel into it, wrap some tape around the trigger to hold it down, then use some sharp objects to carve into it

8. Use it as a pulley thing

Attach string to the drill, and press the trigger so the string winds up on the drill, then attach something to the end and make the drill spin the other way so you can lower the object down a window or stairs! (Great if your wife/mum (or Dad/Husband!) wants your washing)

7. Electric screwdriver

Lost the attachment that was a screwdriver, or was it the wrong size? Well insert a thin screwdriver in the chuck and use that! Much easier!

6.  Electric Needle File

Find a round needle file and remove it from the grip. Insert the file into the drill and you now have an electric file!

5.  Electric Tickler

Insert one of those tinsel things you get in cocktails into the chuck and hey presto! Hehehe!

4. Ultra mini golf club!

Bend some wire so it looks like an L, then bend the top bit in the opposite direction to the bottom bit, then put one end into the drill, then put a marble on the floor and play electric ultra mini golf!

3. Crain

Put some string in the chuck with some wire shaped in a U on the end, now pick things up with it!

2. Drill

The most obvious!

1. Pretend to be a Robot (Thanks to ‘J’!)

Watch the video in the comment by J!


This was a really hard one! Sorry for anything cheesy!

    • J
    • August 30th, 2011

    Pretend to be a robot is the obvious one

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