Top Ten Businesses to start with under £100

10. Taxi 

If you have a car and a licence, why not get a taxi licence and drive people around?


9. Website

Nice and cheap to do, and can be done at home


8. Buy and sell

Buy unwanted games and CDs off people for £5 or so, and sell them for £15 on Ebay or Gumtree


7. Sell Sweets

Find some land and a table, and buy sweets from wholesalers at cheap prices, then sell them outside schools (if you are allowed :P)


6. Dog Walking

Knock on doors and ask people if they want their dog walked, and charge £5 for half an hour, then and extra £1 for every 15 mins after that. If you plan to take more than one dog, hang a stop watch on each dogs lead, so you can time how long they have been walked.


5. Babysitting

I think you know this one!


4. Advertise for someone

Ask a small business owner if they would like you to post business cards or put up posters


3.  Wash cars

Post cards around your area boasting a quick response car wash service. If you only live round the corner you will get there quickly. If you get lots of orders get your friends on board!


2. Power wash

Use a powerwasher to clean driveways or patios and charge £20 or so.


1. Organising service

If someone needs a child’s part organised, you can ask where and when and book the hall and do everything, then total up the costs and base your price on that.

  1. You bring up some points, I’ve often brought up myself.

    • T
    • August 28th, 2011

    Have you actually tried any of these?

    • I personally have not, but these examples are basic businesses (excluding number 1, which may require a little more knowledge) and would make some money. Thank you for your comment.

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