Top Ten Things that will make you think.

10. If a store is open 24 hours, when do they change their prices?


9. What do you hear when you do a one-handed clap?


8. If you can send electricity through a wire to create heat, how do you use electricity to create cold temperatures? So how does a freeze work?


7. Is it possible to walk in the direction of a rain cloud so you don’t get wet, but when you look behind you it is raining?


6. Why is your bum also called a bottom, when it’s just below half way down your body?


5. Define the word ‘is’ without using the word ‘is’


4. Why are cabin lights in an aircraft dimmed for landing?


3. Why doesn’t super glue dry inside the tube?


2. If it is zero degrees today, and tomorrow it is going to be twice as cold, how cold will it be?


1. Is it possible to go so fast the speed camera misses the picture of you? (I think this was on Top Gear)

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