Top Ten Things every man should own.

10. A Cordless Drill

So much they can be used for! (See the post about cordless drills)


9. A garage/shed

Where else would you put your tools?


8. A ‘man’ draw

You may have heard Michael McIntire talking about it. Everything goes in the man draw incase it will be needed at a later date.


7. A ScrewFix Catalogue

For all your manly supplies


6. A Microwave

Just incase you need to get some food quickly…


5. A Tape Measure

Just for the noise of it retracting


4. A Sat-Nav

Give your wife some time off when in the car


3. Some kind of flying gadget

So you can use it in the little rest time you have


2. A Sofa

You need to have your power-nap somewhere.


1. A Cup of Tea

Helps with the power-nap.



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