Top Ten ways to get to sleep.

Here are some tips to help you get to sleep.


10. Relax

Just lay in your bed and relax. Imagine your body sinking into the bed and keep nice and still.


9. Dont think about anything

Clear your mind. Blacken out your mind, literally, just clear everything out and all you should be able to see in your head is darkness.


8. Tense your muscles

Tense all of your muscles in one go for ten seconds, then relax.


7. Go to the toilet

Get up from your bed and go to the toilet. Sometimes you needing the toilet could be stopping you, or just getting up for a few minutes could help.


6.  Listen to music

Listen to soothing music, no excitable screaming music, not too loud as well, just quiet enough to hear.


5. Don’t go to bed early

If you have been off work or school for a week, and you have been going to bed at 12:00 am, then go to bed at the same time. Going to bed earlier isn’t going to help if you are normally awake at that time. If you haven’t been able to get to sleep in the last few days, don’t go to be earlier so you have more time to get to sleep. It’s just not going to help.


4. Don’t get in the right mind-set.

People have said that you’re not going to get to sleep if you keep telling yourself you wont be able to get to sleep. This is true, but telling your self you will get to sleep is not helping because you are thinking about getting to sleep. Just don’t tell yourself anything.


3. Spend a few minutes thinking about the next day.

If you have got to get up early the next day, sit up in your bed and think what is the worst that can happen? Your alarm clock is set, so its going to wake you up. If you alarm has always woken you up, whats to stop it waking you up this time? If you can’t get to sleep at all, then your just going to be a little tired the next day. Have a nap in your lunch break or when you get home.


2. Read a book

This can take your mind off of not sleeping for a while.


1. Take some medicine

Take Piriton or something that makes you tired. Only one dose though, don’t go crazy… Now you know that you have had something to help you get to sleep, you probably will get to sleep. Its psychological.

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