Hot Top Ten types of people that use Facebook

10. The game player

This person is constantly playing games and posting their successes on the news feed. They are a mile a head of everyone else on the leader board, mainly because everyone stopped playing it a few years ago.

9. The Events organiser

They make events for everything. ‘You are invited to the event ‘Christmas”. Why do you invite me to Christmas? Do i have to accept your invite before i am allowed to celebrate Christmas?

8. The picture person

When you go out with this person, they will have a camera. They will upload all pictures they take, then tag you in each one. They then will upload pictures of their family holiday, which everyone finds enjoyable to look at…

7. The undercover agent

This person cannot reveal their face. They will use pictures of their children because we are supposed to think its ‘cute’. Most people will be slightly worried when they see a picture of a 3-year-old saying ‘Had a good time at yours yesterday’. They also use pictures of cartoon characters because they think they can transform into a car, or fly.

6. The moaner

They constantly moan about everything. ‘ I hate my life’, ‘This restaurant takes too long to serve, I’ve been waiting 5 minutes already’, ‘When will you grow up?’. Get the idea?

5. The person who knows no names

Usually girls with relationship problems, eg: ‘You might think you are hurting me, but I will not crack and i will stay strong xoxox’. Yes love, how about you tell the person, because more than likely the person who you are talking about probably doesn’t have Facebook.

4. The addict

If you need to get hold of this person, look on Facebook. They are usually always on it and will respond to a Facebook chat within seconds. That’s fine, till they start talking to you every time you log on.

3. The page liker

‘[Name] likes ‘I hate people who like lots of pages’ ‘[Name] likes ‘LIKE THIS PAGE TO SEE AN EPIC FAIL’ ‘[Name] likes ‘95% of people don’t know if this is a girl or boy’.

2. The silent surfer

They just scroll down the news feed reading it all the time. No harm done… untill you meet the person and your entire Facebook status’ for the last 3 weeks are recalled from the top of their head.

1. The popular person

Is it really possible to have 4354 friends?

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