Hot Top Ten Reasons I hate Google!

10. Customer Support

You would have though that Google, being the internet giant it is, would have an Email address. Apparently Not. I can’t find a single Email address any where on the site.


9. Personal Results

Google record your searches and put results most relevant to you first. Eg: You have recently obtained a Dog. You have used Google to search a lot about Training tips and Health tips about your dog. You then search: Strange spots on my back, a personal problem, and you get results talking about spots on dogs.


8. The Help Forum

Unless you have 2 years to wait for a response, give up.


7.  Privacy

Google+, Gmail, YouTube. They know every single little thing about you.


6. Linking Google with YouTube

If you have two Google accounts, and your YouTube account is linked to the wrong one, your stuffed. It’s virtually impossible to unlink your accounts.


The above reason is so big to me, it’s going to be numbers 1-6. If anyone has a solution to it, please comment. I have tried the ‘Unlink’ link but my account is permanently linked. Who wouldda thought it would be so hard to unlink accounts?!?!


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