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Hot Top Ten Reasons to help you leave earlier on a Friday Afternoon.

10. I’ve got the Dentist

An easy one, so long as they don’t phone the dentist, or tell you to reschedule it.

9. My Dog is going to the vet…

Make sure you do actually have a dog when using this excuse, and tell them you have to pay £20 to change the appointment if your work tells you to change it. It’s a win-win situation. You either get the afternoon off, or you scam your employer for £20!

8. My Wife is about to give birth!

Make sure you have a wife, and that she is not aged over 50. ‘Bur Mr Johnson, your wife is 55 and still having kids?’ , Also don’t use this more than once! ‘Mr Johnson, Your 55-year-old wife seems to be having a child every friday afternoon’

7. I’ve finished my work

You’ve done all you can do for the week. Anything you start now will have to be left over the weekend, so you might as well just leave early. In reality, you actually finished your work on Thursday morning, but spend Thursday and Friday tweaking it untill you finished at Friday Lunch time!

6. Fall down the stairs

Train as a stunt man for a few months, then fall down the stairs and tell the company you will no sue them if you get the red of the day off. It’s a sure winner!

5. I need to pick the kids up from school

Again, make sure you have a Partner or wife that you have kids with, or could have kids with.

4. My Wife has just been in a car crash and I need to go to the hospital.

Just make sure your wife isn’t picking you up from work. ‘Mr Johnson is this the wife that has just been in a car crash, or was that the other wife’. That could turn out with you in hospital. On second thoughts, don’t use this one… :/

3. I need to get to my world tour!

You have a secret music life in another country, and you don’t want anyone to know, but you have to leave early to get on the plane to the country so you can continue with your tour!

2. Party!

Offer your employer a ticket and he /she is bound to let you go because they can come too!!

1. I’ve worked 42 hours this week and I’m very tired!

Who knows, you might get the last 3 hours off…


Top Ten Things every multi-millionaire should own.

10. Cars

A really expensive, posh car, and someone to drive it for you!

9. A Private Jet

Your own private jet that allows you to fly where ever you like when ever you like

8. A Boat

A luxurious Yacht or boat where you can just sit back and relax

7. A Pilots licence

You have the money so why not study for a pilots licence, then take to the skies!

6. A small aircraft

So you can fly around yourself.

5. A helicopter licence and a helicopter

Take your family and friends up for a sightseeing  trip over your area

4. A Private Island

Hold parties with all your celeb friends and family.

3. A mansion

Just to get people to realise you are a millionaire.

2. A charity

Use some of your money in a way that can change people’s lives for ever

1. Family

You can’t buy a family, and this is one of the best thing anyone can own. Just so you can tell them ‘I told you so‘!

Top Ten Businesses to start with under £100

10. Taxi 

If you have a car and a licence, why not get a taxi licence and drive people around?


9. Website

Nice and cheap to do, and can be done at home


8. Buy and sell

Buy unwanted games and CDs off people for £5 or so, and sell them for £15 on Ebay or Gumtree


7. Sell Sweets

Find some land and a table, and buy sweets from wholesalers at cheap prices, then sell them outside schools (if you are allowed :P)


6. Dog Walking

Knock on doors and ask people if they want their dog walked, and charge £5 for half an hour, then and extra £1 for every 15 mins after that. If you plan to take more than one dog, hang a stop watch on each dogs lead, so you can time how long they have been walked.


5. Babysitting

I think you know this one!


4. Advertise for someone

Ask a small business owner if they would like you to post business cards or put up posters


3.  Wash cars

Post cards around your area boasting a quick response car wash service. If you only live round the corner you will get there quickly. If you get lots of orders get your friends on board!


2. Power wash

Use a powerwasher to clean driveways or patios and charge £20 or so.


1. Organising service

If someone needs a child’s part organised, you can ask where and when and book the hall and do everything, then total up the costs and base your price on that.

Top ten tips on saving money (for teenagers)

10. Put it in the bank.

Any spare change you have around, put it in the bank. This makes it harder for you to get to and spend

9. Only take a certain amount of money out.

If you are going to town with your friends, only take say £10. This is really limit what you buy so you save up more.

8. Dont buy a bottle of coke…

…for £1.20 in a shop when you can go to poundland or a discount shop where you can get it cheaper.

7. Limit yourself

to one big purchase a month. If you tend to buy 10 games and 5 DVDs a month, these can really add up. Limit yourself to buying something over £100 to once a month at least, and buying only 3 games or so.

6. Get a job

Whether it is litter picking after a festival or a proper Saturday, get whatever you can. Not only do you get money but you get experience for later in life.

5. Sell old games

So you have lots of games you have completed lying around. What is the chance you are going to play them again? Sell them!!!

4. Change up money

If you have a tub of 1ps sitting around, get the bank to change them into £1 coins, then you can add that to what your limit is on taking shopping

3. Dont buy unwanted stuff.

Sweets. Do you really want them? Are you going to be upset you didn’t buy any? i dont think so.

2. Why buy a new game?

When your mate is selling his one for half the price. Just wipe off his data and start again!

1.  Get in the right frame of mind.

Your not going to be able to save money when all your thinking is ‘i really want to buy this and that and this!’. Think to yourself ‘if i buy this, i can’t buy the other thing i want, which one do i want more?’

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