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Just had my website reviewed.

I just got my website reviewed for free from I’m going to try and do what he said now.

(I recommend you use this too if you have a website or blog 🙂 )



Hot Top Ten thing to do in a lift/elevator.

10. Greet everyone who comes into the lift

“Hello, Welcome to my lift!”


9. Press the highest number just before the lift stops

When you are in the lift, push the highest number just before the doors open, then when someone comes in, you will go to the top floor, and stay in the lift, then it will go to the other persons floor.


8. Push all the buttons in the lift before you exit

Just to annoy other people


7. Pass Wind

Release some gas from your backside then sniff, and ask people if it was them


6. Get out and back in

Get out the lift, and just before the doors close fully push the button and the door will open, then get back in the lift. It will confuse people in the lift


5. Tell someone the wrong floor

When you enter the lift and someone asks you what floor you need, say the number above the highest number, EG: The top floor is 5, you say floor 6) Then when they tell you there isn’t a floor 6, act confused and be a little worried.


4. Swap lifts

If there is two lifts on the same floor, get out of one and quickly get in the other one, and go to the same floor as the people in the other lift are going to, (Look which number is glowing before you exit the first lift). Then get out of the lift and walk off. Time it right and the people in the other lift exit the lift just before you exit, and they will be confused.


3. Use the emergency services code.

I think if you hold the doors close button and push and hold the floor you want for 2 seconds you will go to the floor you want first (I think). This is good if you have a team of people who do it so the people in the lift never get to their floor.


2. The alarm button.

If you hear a noise, act very worried and ask if you should press the alarm button in the lift, it will worry everyone else!


1. claustrophobic

Be very worried when you enter the lift and keep asking everyone if the lift has stopped or if it has broken down.



Hot Top Ten types of people that use Facebook

10. The game player

This person is constantly playing games and posting their successes on the news feed. They are a mile a head of everyone else on the leader board, mainly because everyone stopped playing it a few years ago.

9. The Events organiser

They make events for everything. ‘You are invited to the event ‘Christmas”. Why do you invite me to Christmas? Do i have to accept your invite before i am allowed to celebrate Christmas?

8. The picture person

When you go out with this person, they will have a camera. They will upload all pictures they take, then tag you in each one. They then will upload pictures of their family holiday, which everyone finds enjoyable to look at…

7. The undercover agent

This person cannot reveal their face. They will use pictures of their children because we are supposed to think its ‘cute’. Most people will be slightly worried when they see a picture of a 3-year-old saying ‘Had a good time at yours yesterday’. They also use pictures of cartoon characters because they think they can transform into a car, or fly.

6. The moaner

They constantly moan about everything. ‘ I hate my life’, ‘This restaurant takes too long to serve, I’ve been waiting 5 minutes already’, ‘When will you grow up?’. Get the idea?

5. The person who knows no names

Usually girls with relationship problems, eg: ‘You might think you are hurting me, but I will not crack and i will stay strong xoxox’. Yes love, how about you tell the person, because more than likely the person who you are talking about probably doesn’t have Facebook.

4. The addict

If you need to get hold of this person, look on Facebook. They are usually always on it and will respond to a Facebook chat within seconds. That’s fine, till they start talking to you every time you log on.

3. The page liker

‘[Name] likes ‘I hate people who like lots of pages’ ‘[Name] likes ‘LIKE THIS PAGE TO SEE AN EPIC FAIL’ ‘[Name] likes ‘95% of people don’t know if this is a girl or boy’.

2. The silent surfer

They just scroll down the news feed reading it all the time. No harm done… untill you meet the person and your entire Facebook status’ for the last 3 weeks are recalled from the top of their head.

1. The popular person

Is it really possible to have 4354 friends?

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Top Ten Things you have probably never seen!

10. The cost of petrol change on the sign outside of the shop

9. Someone use an SOS phone on the side of motorways

8. The emergency slide inflate on an aeroplane.

7. A professional music mess up on stage

6. The Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor lorries

5.  Seen a helicopter crash

4.  A petrol station explode because you used a mobile phone

3.The MD of the company you work for

2. A camera man trip over when filming live and walking backwards

1. The Google HQ

This was fairly hard to think of!

Top Ten Things that will make you think.

10. If a store is open 24 hours, when do they change their prices?


9. What do you hear when you do a one-handed clap?


8. If you can send electricity through a wire to create heat, how do you use electricity to create cold temperatures? So how does a freeze work?


7. Is it possible to walk in the direction of a rain cloud so you don’t get wet, but when you look behind you it is raining?


6. Why is your bum also called a bottom, when it’s just below half way down your body?


5. Define the word ‘is’ without using the word ‘is’


4. Why are cabin lights in an aircraft dimmed for landing?


3. Why doesn’t super glue dry inside the tube?


2. If it is zero degrees today, and tomorrow it is going to be twice as cold, how cold will it be?


1. Is it possible to go so fast the speed camera misses the picture of you? (I think this was on Top Gear)