Top Ten ways to get to sleep.

Here are some tips to help you get to sleep.


10. Relax

Just lay in your bed and relax. Imagine your body sinking into the bed and keep nice and still.


9. Dont think about anything

Clear your mind. Blacken out your mind, literally, just clear everything out and all you should be able to see in your head is darkness.


8. Tense your muscles

Tense all of your muscles in one go for ten seconds, then relax.


7. Go to the toilet

Get up from your bed and go to the toilet. Sometimes you needing the toilet could be stopping you, or just getting up for a few minutes could help.


6.  Listen to music

Listen to soothing music, no excitable screaming music, not too loud as well, just quiet enough to hear.


5. Don’t go to bed early

If you have been off work or school for a week, and you have been going to bed at 12:00 am, then go to bed at the same time. Going to bed earlier isn’t going to help if you are normally awake at that time. If you haven’t been able to get to sleep in the last few days, don’t go to be earlier so you have more time to get to sleep. It’s just not going to help.


4. Don’t get in the right mind-set.

People have said that you’re not going to get to sleep if you keep telling yourself you wont be able to get to sleep. This is true, but telling your self you will get to sleep is not helping because you are thinking about getting to sleep. Just don’t tell yourself anything.


3. Spend a few minutes thinking about the next day.

If you have got to get up early the next day, sit up in your bed and think what is the worst that can happen? Your alarm clock is set, so its going to wake you up. If you alarm has always woken you up, whats to stop it waking you up this time? If you can’t get to sleep at all, then your just going to be a little tired the next day. Have a nap in your lunch break or when you get home.


2. Read a book

This can take your mind off of not sleeping for a while.


1. Take some medicine

Take Piriton or something that makes you tired. Only one dose though, don’t go crazy… Now you know that you have had something to help you get to sleep, you probably will get to sleep. Its psychological.



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Top Ten Things every man should own.

10. A Cordless Drill

So much they can be used for! (See the post about cordless drills)


9. A garage/shed

Where else would you put your tools?


8. A ‘man’ draw

You may have heard Michael McIntire talking about it. Everything goes in the man draw incase it will be needed at a later date.


7. A ScrewFix Catalogue

For all your manly supplies


6. A Microwave

Just incase you need to get some food quickly…


5. A Tape Measure

Just for the noise of it retracting


4. A Sat-Nav

Give your wife some time off when in the car


3. Some kind of flying gadget

So you can use it in the little rest time you have


2. A Sofa

You need to have your power-nap somewhere.


1. A Cup of Tea

Helps with the power-nap.



Top Ten Things you have probably never seen!

10. The cost of petrol change on the sign outside of the shop

9. Someone use an SOS phone on the side of motorways

8. The emergency slide inflate on an aeroplane.

7. A professional music mess up on stage

6. The Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor lorries

5.  Seen a helicopter crash

4.  A petrol station explode because you used a mobile phone

3.The MD of the company you work for

2. A camera man trip over when filming live and walking backwards

1. The Google HQ

This was fairly hard to think of!

Top Ten Things that will make you think.

10. If a store is open 24 hours, when do they change their prices?


9. What do you hear when you do a one-handed clap?


8. If you can send electricity through a wire to create heat, how do you use electricity to create cold temperatures? So how does a freeze work?


7. Is it possible to walk in the direction of a rain cloud so you don’t get wet, but when you look behind you it is raining?


6. Why is your bum also called a bottom, when it’s just below half way down your body?


5. Define the word ‘is’ without using the word ‘is’


4. Why are cabin lights in an aircraft dimmed for landing?


3. Why doesn’t super glue dry inside the tube?


2. If it is zero degrees today, and tomorrow it is going to be twice as cold, how cold will it be?


1. Is it possible to go so fast the speed camera misses the picture of you? (I think this was on Top Gear)

Top Ten Businesses to start with under £100

10. Taxi 

If you have a car and a licence, why not get a taxi licence and drive people around?


9. Website

Nice and cheap to do, and can be done at home


8. Buy and sell

Buy unwanted games and CDs off people for £5 or so, and sell them for £15 on Ebay or Gumtree


7. Sell Sweets

Find some land and a table, and buy sweets from wholesalers at cheap prices, then sell them outside schools (if you are allowed :P)


6. Dog Walking

Knock on doors and ask people if they want their dog walked, and charge £5 for half an hour, then and extra £1 for every 15 mins after that. If you plan to take more than one dog, hang a stop watch on each dogs lead, so you can time how long they have been walked.


5. Babysitting

I think you know this one!


4. Advertise for someone

Ask a small business owner if they would like you to post business cards or put up posters


3.  Wash cars

Post cards around your area boasting a quick response car wash service. If you only live round the corner you will get there quickly. If you get lots of orders get your friends on board!


2. Power wash

Use a powerwasher to clean driveways or patios and charge £20 or so.


1. Organising service

If someone needs a child’s part organised, you can ask where and when and book the hall and do everything, then total up the costs and base your price on that.

Top Ten things to do with a cordless drill

10. Make an electric pencil sharpener

Take a cylindrical pencil sharpener (the kind that has a case to catch the sharpenings) and super glue a dowel to the center of the bottom, so the sharpener is on the top and dowel on the bottom, then insert the dowel into the drill and press the trigger!

9. Use it as a lathe

Insert a bit of dowel into it, wrap some tape around the trigger to hold it down, then use some sharp objects to carve into it

8. Use it as a pulley thing

Attach string to the drill, and press the trigger so the string winds up on the drill, then attach something to the end and make the drill spin the other way so you can lower the object down a window or stairs! (Great if your wife/mum (or Dad/Husband!) wants your washing)

7. Electric screwdriver

Lost the attachment that was a screwdriver, or was it the wrong size? Well insert a thin screwdriver in the chuck and use that! Much easier!

6.  Electric Needle File

Find a round needle file and remove it from the grip. Insert the file into the drill and you now have an electric file!

5.  Electric Tickler

Insert one of those tinsel things you get in cocktails into the chuck and hey presto! Hehehe!

4. Ultra mini golf club!

Bend some wire so it looks like an L, then bend the top bit in the opposite direction to the bottom bit, then put one end into the drill, then put a marble on the floor and play electric ultra mini golf!

3. Crain

Put some string in the chuck with some wire shaped in a U on the end, now pick things up with it!

2. Drill

The most obvious!

1. Pretend to be a Robot (Thanks to ‘J’!)

Watch the video in the comment by J!


This was a really hard one! Sorry for anything cheesy!