Top Ten Things to do with a Laser Pen.


10. See the beam

Go to a fabric sofa and whack it with your hands a few times then shine the laser about 5cm away from the surface. You should be able to clearly see the beam!

9. Seem the beam #2

If that doesn’t work, or you have no sofa, take a deodorant can or water spray and spray it into the air, then shine your laser into it. (Works best in the dark)

8. Move a feather. 

Find a small light feather and tie it using cotton to something, then shine your laser at it, if the feather is light enough it should spin round!

7. See the beam #3

Especially in humid countries, shining the laser outside at night will show the beam very clearly. beware this may be illegal in some countries

6. Annoy people

Shine the laser by the base of people’s feet, it will confuse and annoy them!

5. Pop a balloon.

With some laser pens, you can shine it at a balloon and it will pop. If it doesn’t work, draw a small 1cm x1cm box and colour it in with black permanent marker then shine the laser on that.

4. Make a laser show

If you attach a small mirror to a motor as an offset angle and shine the laser at it, it should create a pattern on a wall. Google this for detailed instructions

3. Give your dog some exercise

Shine your laser pen at the back of the garden and attract your dogs attention, then move it to the front of the garden and your dog will chase it.

2. Confuse your dog.

Shine the laser pen around your living room so your dog chases it, then shine it under something and turn it off. If you dog is like mine, it will lay there wondering when it will come out. Then shine your laser next to the dog and it will make it jump!

1. Laser art

Put your camera on a slow shutter speed and put it on a tripod. In a dark room, shine the laser on the floor and aim your camera at it. Press the shutter button and move the laser around. Now be amazed at what you have created!

Please note… Laser pens can be extremely dangerous so anything you do with it is at your own risk. I hold no responsibility of you blinding your dog or getting a fine.

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Top Ten things you probably didn’t know about Microsoft Word.

10. =Rand(X,Y)

Typing =rand(x,y) into Microsoft Word (MW) will show a sentence. Replace X and Y with numbers and hit enter. If you put a high value for each number, you document will fill up with lots of sentences, where as if you type low numbers, it will only type a few sentences. Beware, if you type numbers that are too high it will not work. Try it now!


9. =Lorem()

Type this and press enter and some text will appear in a different language. (Please note () is (  ) not a 0 or O )


8. =rand.old() 

This shows text reading The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog


7. Freaky Stuff

You remember 9/11 right? Well the flight code of one of the planes that did the damage was Q33 NY

Type this into Microsoft Word, and select the font as windings. Now look. Scary Huh?


6. Deleting a word at a time.

Dont you hate it when your typing and you spell a word rong  wrong or make a typo, especially if it’s a very long word? Well instead of holding backspace, untill the word has gone, hold Ctrl and press backspace and you will remove all the letters untill a space or punctuation mark.


5. Bullet Points

Ok, so you know typing 1. will start a list on MW, and typing a) will start another list, but how do you quickly start a bullet pointed list? well press * and then space!


4.  Yay, i have finished my report! Oh Damn, i forgot a cover page!

On newer versions of MW, the insert menu contains a range over cover pages, so no more dull looking cover pages!


3. —

Type — and press enter and you get a lovely line across the screen. Charming.


2. Quickly enlarge and shrink text

Press ctrl and ] to enlarge text and ctrl and [ to shrink highlighted text.


1. Insert a screenshot.

No need to have to press Print screen then paste in into your word document any more in MW 2010, just go onto the insert tab and select a screen you want inserted into your document!


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Hot Top Ten: Ipod apps that keep you entertained for more than 30 seconds.

10. Stick man Cliff Diving

I really don’t know why, but I keep coming back to this app on my iPod to play it. It consists of a cliff, a stick man, and two buttons. At the start of each round you are given a specific criteria. Eg:

Jump 1


34 Points

11 Meters

The button on the bottom left looks like a stick man committing suicide, and pressing this makes the stick man jump off the cliff, at 11 meters, as the criteria states.

The button on the right is a stick man in a ball. This means ‘flip’, so why your stick man is diving, he will spin in the air. A header means he should enter the water head first, and a Salto means he should enter feet first to the water. At the end of the jump you are scored by five boards, out of ten. Meet the criteria and you go to your second jump. You get three jumps, and if you don’t meet the criteria, then you lose. Simple.

Its 69p, which is OK I guess.

9. iSkid

A totally pointless app, but I like it because you can just drive around a car park and skid and get points.

Really. It’s that simple.

Its free too.

8.  Max Injury

In this game, you are given 16 levels to which you throw a rag doll down the stairs and other environments where you score points on how much damage you do to the Rag Doll. You swipe your finger to launch it into the area, and if it gets stuck you have a number of ‘fingers’ (swipes) left to get him to the finish.

The good thing about this is you can put a persons face on the rag doll. So if you really hate your boss or teacher, and for some reason you have a photo of them, you can attach it to the rag doll and cause maximum pain!

I just opened this app and it says there is a version two, so you can download that too.

There is a ‘lite’ version, which is free, but you only get a few levels, and I recommend paying 69p for the full version

7. Tiny Wings

You may have heard of this app before, but it is a small, fat, tiny-wingged bird, that struggles to fly 😦

You are given a map of hills, and you touch the screen to make the bird fall, and release to make him fly. The idea is to tap the screen when the hill goes down, and release when the hill goes up, so he gets a higher speed and flies higher. Its easier if you have a go!

You can collect powerups, coins and touch the clouds, all for 69p.

6. Mirror’s Edge

I completed this a while ago, but i need to include it because of its amazing graphics. Unfortunately you can only have it on the iPod 4g (im not sure about which type of iPhone) and it makes full use of the iPods retina screen.

The game consists of a female runner who has to complete a course by avoiding obstacles and knocking people over who get in the way. I think it’s when you complete the game, you get to do the levels again but you are timed, then you can race against your ghost to continuously beat your time!

Again, 69p

5. Talking Tom

If you have this app, you probably will wonder why i am including it here.

First, this app is a cat that copys what you say, and you can interact with it by stroking it and punching (!) it.

Now, i included it because if you take two iPod/iPhones that have microphones and speakers, then you can say something to one of them and put them close together. They will copy each other, but end up screaming and it sounds quite funny.


4. F-SIM-Shuttle

Practice landing a space shuttle with very good graphics. An in-game video tutorial shows you how to do it, then you can do it yourself, starting from a final, or a full approach. After the flight, you can replay it from different views. It’s very realistic and if you like flying you will love this game!

It might seem repetitive, but you have to try to get a high score and a perfect landing therefore it makes it more fun.


3. Monopoly

This doesn’t need much explanation now does it?

I love the board game and this is great too!


2. Cut the Rope

Another game you have probably already heard of, but basically you have to cut the rope to get the candy in the monsters mouth!

Lots of levels and lots of different versions of this game are available!


1. X-plane

It used to be £5.99, but now its £2.99!

This is the best simulator on the app store. You can take off fly around and land in 9 different aircraft and 6 different locations! I like trying to land the 737 passenger plane and performing stunts in the Cessna private jet going at speeds of about 600! (This game is not life-like…)

I really like this and if you like planes im sure you will too!

There are lots of different versions, including an airshow and a carrier version.


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Hot Top Ten. The Overview.

Hello Everyone. So this is my blog- Hot Top Ten.


The name says it all. Yes, it really does.


I will post my top ten of almost anything, from ipod apps to free software.


Really this is a test post to help me get use to word press, and i’m not expecting any one to read it, but hey ho.