Top Ten Things every multi-millionaire should own.

10. Cars

A really expensive, posh car, and someone to drive it for you!

9. A Private Jet

Your own private jet that allows you to fly where ever you like when ever you like

8. A Boat

A luxurious Yacht or boat where you can just sit back and relax

7. A Pilots licence

You have the money so why not study for a pilots licence, then take to the skies!

6. A small aircraft

So you can fly around yourself.

5. A helicopter licence and a helicopter

Take your family and friends up for a sightseeing  trip over your area

4. A Private Island

Hold parties with all your celeb friends and family.

3. A mansion

Just to get people to realise you are a millionaire.

2. A charity

Use some of your money in a way that can change people’s lives for ever

1. Family

You can’t buy a family, and this is one of the best thing anyone can own. Just so you can tell them ‘I told you so‘!

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